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Default staying motivated while dealing with stress

How do all of you stay motivated while dealing with stress? I didn't think I was stressing. People I'm around are telling me I am. They even ask me if I feel like I'm sleeping ok, and if I'm eating ok. Eating wise I feel like I'm doing ok since I'm logging what I eat and drink. Energy wise I do feel a little tired but I thought that was just because the weather is yucky again. Sleeping wise I probably should discouse with my dr. As I'm a big time night owl and when I do go to bed anywhere from 11pm-1am, I seem to sleep really hard for the first 1 or 2 hours then find myself looking at the clock. Then I sleep for 1 or 2 more hours and wake up. Once the clock hits 5am I think I finally sleep for about 3 hours because I'm always up by 9am. Tonight I'm going to move my clock so I can't see it, and see if that will help or not. I have no other light coming into the room other then through the blinds
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