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When you look at your pie chart of caloric intake, does protein dwarf the fat and carbohydrate portions of the chart?

In general, it's difficult to eat a lot of protein without eating a lot of fat that is part of the meat cut, or the cheese, and that adds up to calories. Otherwise, long term, the dangers that have been hypothesized mainly have to do with kidney function, I think. In which case, if that's your life-diet, it's something you can discuss with your doctor (who may mention kidney function).

As far as your weight loss goes, it's calories that determine that. When you eat plenty of protein, it tends to be satiating (satisfies appetite, at least temporarily). As long as you're watching your calories, you should be OK. But, then, you'd be the best source of information about the effects, because you're the person who's monitoring your own weight loss.
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