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Default Water

Having read other peoples goals I think I will add water to my goals as at the moment I drink no water, 5 cups of tea and a 1.5 litre of fizzy pop a day.

New Goals,
Drink 4 glasses of water a day.
Drink No fizzy pop.
Drink No tea.

I don't do my sit-ups in one go (I wish I could), I exercise for 10 minutes a time, 6 times a day (usually when my son allows me to). I did 5 sit-ups 3 times, 2 press ups (all I could manage) 3 times, wall press 8 every ten minute session, bicep curls with tinned beans every 10 minutes. It is part of my exercise regime which I started yesterday. I am going to walk the dogs soon as well, and I have just bought an ab circle pro, I have to get this belly off. My goal is for a size 14 by September (hoping to try for another baby).

Keep up the good work, I can't believe when I first met my husband I was a size 12. (7 years ago)

Liquid Lizard, we all have bad days, I don't eat fruit yet.
Kali, well done, keep it up and there is exercise in everything you do, even dancing to music on the radio (in your living room where no one can see) That is what I do.

Thanks for the comments, I think I will get good motivation from this website.
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