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2000-2500 calories per day4 out of 7 days, the other three days were kind of off the charts
Cholesterol under 250 mg per dayDidn't happen, too much meat
Lift weights 3 days Lifted 3 times
Walk or Elliptical 2 dayswalked twice
Take veggies to work everyday as part of my lunch. Only brought veg to work two days
Lose at least 2lbs I was on track but had a really bad weekend, I ate way to much

I stopped making recipes, and stopped buy fruits and veggies the last few days of the week. I ended up eating out and eating junk frozen food. At least my workouts happend this week. I really want to get it all together this coming week.
Early March 2013 - 355lbs
April 1st 2013 - 335lbs

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