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Hi, everyone. I like that so many of you are posting simple goals.

Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement last week.

Hope, thanks for starting us off.

Episode, yeah, I've got my refund from federal and state tax returns already.

Tori, raise your head up. I've returned here from life kicking me in the a$$, too, but the point is we DID return. LOL on always having others to blame but you'll tke responsibility this time. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

I'm having a spectacular day so far and am using it to psych myself up to get back on the wagon 100% ASAP:
--woke up refreshed before the alarm
--DH drove the grandkids to school for me
--weather is perfect--cloudy but perfect temp for jeans and a short sleeve top
--treated myself to a shampoo and haircut (I usually shampoo it myself before I go to Great Clips) and the new girl there gave me the best cut ever, even though I tell them the same each time I go. I"m always satisfied, but this girl made the same cut look better.
--thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely shopping trip to Walmart for some small things I wanted for myself like some home office supplies, memory disks for my cell phone and digital photo frame
--then treated myself to a Subway steak and cheese salad to bring home to enjoy with my own low carb dressing.

I'm still not back in full-swing, but am doing way better than I was a few weeks ago. I'm back to watching my carbs carefully and drinking more liquids. Need to start logging again to monitor my cholesterol and sat fat, though. Light Laughing Cow cheese is great, but not if one is eating three or four wedges a day like I have been. It's amazing that I lost three pounds last week the way I've been eating it. Maybe my usually mean scale thinks someone ELSE is stepping on it. LOL

My simple goals this week:
1. get back to logging everything
2. water, water, water
3. just some light, therapeutic exercises--stood up funny again and twisted my back again, but not badly enough to require any pain medicine. Someone said it to me a couple weeks ago and she was right--can't remember, maybe episode or robin--back is probably easily messed up these days BECAUSE I've been slacking on exercise. Point taken, and thanks for the heads up on that.
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