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If you're hungry, you're hungry. Whether you call it a craving or 'real hunger,' if it's what makes you want to gnaw the sugar off a sugar cookie, it will bother you and bother you until you can distract yourself with something else. So go find something to distract you and take up all your attention so you don't think about being hungry (admittedly, this is difficult if you work in an office and get bored easily). Going to the gym might help because working up a sweat and pushing yourself will make you think about: working up a sweat and pushing yourself.

I can cut all the things you can name out of my diet and I will just end up wanting them, eventually, and sometimes very urgently. The best goal of all to have, IMO, is the ability to eat everything and anything, and eat in moderate portions, and stop when a certain (individual) caloric limit is reached. That's pure gold, and worth working on, because it will help you for your entire life (and eliminate the urge to try this diet and that diet...)
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