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1. Calories below 1300. 1247, 1125, 1087, 1350, 1262, 1297
2. Move more...up the exercise. Hit the weights for a little bit tonight, Yes-C25K
3. Take vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes, Some, Some, Some
4. Sleep enough. Yes, Yes, Not even close, Yes, Not even close, 8 blessed hours!!
5. Stay on top of work; don't get behind. So far, so good, Yes, Yes, Like a boss, Yes, Nope, but hoping to catch up today.

I had the boy at a tournament all the way across town yesterday; we went in between matches to the first restaurant we saw...Mexican. I ended up with a salad...field greens, grilled chicken, dried cherries, mandarin oranges, almonds; held dressing and cheese but had some chips & salsa. So cals are an estimate.

Hope, I hear you. Wish I could give you a real-life hug. Never forget how strong you are. You can get through this.

Epixi, you are doing a great job! What a great week for you

Nice job on the protein, Donna...and SEVEN veggies? You rock!

Robin, I hope you are enjoying finishing up the 10 today. Hope you've had the chance to do some cooking this weekend and may the coming week not be too hectic .

carolynnq, it sure is good to see you steady-as-she-goes. Reminds me we can all do it. Thanks for all your words of wisdom here on FD, in this thread and others. I know you have helped out many folks.

Mike, looking forward to hearing the new number for the week; sure hope you are back to the next decade down.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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