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Welcome Amyrose!!!! You'll get the hang of it!!!

Epixi, Jenn, you go on that water!!!! (oops inadvertent bad pun)

Robin, thank you for your good thoughts. The sun, warmth, barometric pressure all seem to affect fibro. This week, I could not sit up, walk or drive much. I was not well enough to work. That is hopefully getting better.

Robin, 6k is good!!! keep going!!!

Epixi you did great on the Spanish. And I gained the two pounds back. DH made a crab boil with starchy veggies and it was loaded with sodium. Plus I have been depression eating due to my sadness about my fibro flare.

I have friends who lost a lot of weight on a program with pre packaged food. I was thisclose to buying some of their food. I am not much for prepackaged food but I am thinking of trying the basics of the plan: 5 small "meals" of 100 calories (including snacks) and 5-6 oz of protein for dinner with a veg. 8 glasss of water. I am better eating more often and small meals are better than large. (I also gotta follow epixi's water drinking example.) You just got a preview of tomorrow's goals, I think. But I may start today.

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