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Welcome Amyrose- we are so glad to have you join us. You'll get the hang of the calories planning, it'll get easier to stay within your goals.

Somebody posted a recipe for frozen green smoothies a while back. I made them today. They are in the freezer...I don't know they smelled kinda gross. We'll see.

Cassie, I hear ya about busy and hungry. That would have also been my downfall at a pizza place. I am struggling to plan my food on work days so that I don't get in that spot........some days it is working better than others!

Hope, so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better soon, is the sun out in NYC? Does that help with the fibro?

Congrats Jenn to be below your lowest weight! Good job. I guess it is getting that water in.

Mike sounds like you might hit the 170's tomorrow. Here's hoping.

Donna, I love salad too. It makes it handy for getting the vegs in. I am so looking forward to fresh local stuff being available (snow here again today).

Epixi.....weekends are the best for me because I have time to cook. Hope your weekend is successful!

I have 6k in of my goal of 10 but it looks promising to do 4 tomorrow.

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