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Welcome, Mechelle & piwaket.

Mechelle - good goals! I find that I can work towards accomplishing daily specific goals. A general goal of losing X number of pounds was too amorphous, and I never got going. I enjoy reading the posts here about what everyone's doing food and exercise wise - as you said, it's a great source of ideas - and inspiration.

Piwaket - I have so many similarities to you. Up until I was 35 (after my 3rd child), I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and not gain weight. My husband is also a meat & potatoes guy. And he has a kitchen counter full of chips, cookies, candy, etc. I couldn't manage losing 5# a week. The only time I've done that has been when I'm on vacation and can spend hours walking, swimming, cycling, etc. If you can do it, that's great - but don't get discouraged if you don't. Concentrate on making exercise a routine part of your day and making your old healthful eating patterns a new habit. Consider yourself successful if you do those things even if your weekly weight loss goal might fall short. I'm not sure of my final goal either - it will be when I'm happy with my body shape.
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