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Okay, so I am suppose to list goals and share my secrets for success. As I am only a week into this diet, I cannot guarantee the "success" but I know that I maintained my weight until I was 45yrs. That was two years after my second child. I had my first child at 40yrs. Late childbirth probably added to my weight gain. Anyway, before I started to gain weight, I use to aerobic exercise 5 days a week for around 40 to 60 minutes. I would give myself a pass if I played golf mostly because I was carrying my own bag for 18 holes so that's a pretty darn good effort, especially as your are walking up and down hills to the tune of 7200+ yards. I mostly exercised in the evening. My first child was a 2 nap a day kiddo so I had plenty of time to keep up the exercise. My second child stopped napping at 10 months; what a nightmare! I also was a big fruit and veggie eater and my meat choices were almost exclusively chicken and fish or edaname in a salad. I rarely ate bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. It was conscious but rather my food preferences. My sin was salt, as in nuts and sometimes chips. I didn't keep junk food in the house. If I wanted something junky, I would go out and order an appetizer like crab dip. And I almost exclusively drank water. My dad was a dentist so I never developed a taste for sodas and I am a total light weight when it comes to alcohol. I weighted 112 -119 lb. forever!

So, my goals have been to go back to my old eating habits. I have been working out 6 days a week but I am using a nordic track step climber. I do 15 minutes on the climber 3 days a week and then I lock the tread down and walk at a varied pace for another 30 to 45 minutes. I fluctuate the pace from a quick pace to a very fast walk for 5 minutes, then down to the quick pace and then back up for 5 minutes as fast as I can go on this equipment. As I lose more weight, I will try to run outside but I need to work up to that and I don't thin my knees can take it outside at my current weight. I can go harder on the Nordic Track.

I would like to loss 5 pounds a week. I am not sure how much I should try to lose. I think 112 lb. might be a little skeletal for my 58 years old bones but I think 115 to 120 would be good. That's a long way to go for me so I will play it by ear. I definitely want to get below 130 though.

Writing this down is like signing a personal contract with myself. I submit and it's in writing so there's no turning back.
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