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Talking New to this....

Hi, I am new here and found fitday and this forum while looking for good on line support and motivation. And this looks like the place.

I love the friendly comments and support and hope to become part of this little family.

I have stolen some great goals from the posts. I have started a "phat" book for myself. Its all the little notes and tips that I think will help me the most. And several of your goals are now part of my "phat" book.

My goals....

Log everything.
small bites and put the fork down in between.
get better about taking my vitamins.
Work on leg exercises every day. (problem hiss hiss)
Exercise at least 15 minutes every day
Try to stay under 1200 calories
Continue to research and make my list of foods for me.
Drink, drink, drink, drink.... 48 oz a day..

And I think that will get me on track.

If I can do anything to help anyone out, say the word. If you just need to talk,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm not hungry today
What about you?

(I know...I know... not a very good poem but definitely to the point.)
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