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I'm a real tightwad, out of necessity. About 18 months ago I went completely deep discount on almost everything, but we never go without in this house, we now have so much that I often deliver bags and bags of food and personal items to those in need. My advice to you would be to check out a website called I use coupons and match them up with sales for almost all my H&B items, which often comes out to pennies or sometimes even free. Many of the food items I buy are fresh, but there are occasional coupons for them as well. It takes a little while to get used to using coupons and shopping for the best prices, but once you get the hang of it you save so much money it isn't even funny. We used to spend $150-$200/week on groceries, this week I spent $38, and have everything I need for my diet and my family. Oh and like avelina said, I never throw out food if it can be helped. Most veggies and meat freeze just fine, fresh produce is a little trickier, but just buy in moderation with a menu in mind.

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