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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Lots of good progress reported. Despite most of us having a weak moment (or two or three), we're moving in the right direction.

Hope - take care of yourself.

Originally Posted by liquidlizard View Post
...I ate way too much on Monday. I went to a buffet with my family and although I got small portions the meal just got out of control. In the end it made me want to be healthy even more. I didn't want to throw in the towel. I logged in all the stuff I ate and resolved to do better...
Good for you for not letting one slip-up throw you off track. Just keep that goal of being healthy for yourself and your family in mind.

Originally Posted by kali87 View Post
5) Try some form of new exercise - Oh GAWD Jazzersize is not my thing. Most awkward hour of my life. Call me crazy but I'm going to go back to lifting heavy stuff haha
LOL. I hope you didn't sign up for 20 sessions! I've heard of it but never done it or even seen it. I'm off to youtube it to see what you went through!
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