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Default Nutrition numbers STILL don't add up

I have been baffled by my nutritional profile recently, so I manually added my potassium, sodium, calcium and vitamin E. All four of them were different from the totals of the foods entered. Potassium, which should have been 12%, is 9%; sodium, which should have been 2%, is 4%; calcium, which should have been 33%, is 28%; vitamin E, which should have been 1%, is 2%.

I could understand if, for example, there was "rounding off"; however, there was sodium in only one item. It was listed in the item as 2%, but on my total nutrition as 4%. And Vitamin E, listed in the single item as 1% has become 2%.

Also, I could understand if the total nutrition tables were adjusted for my particular caloric requirements rather than the FDA standard of 2000 calories; however, that does not explain why some numbers go up, and others go down.

Could someone please explain to me?
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