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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Okay, this sounds really wacky, but my tailbone hurts frequently now! Did I lose fat from my tailbone?????
Years ago I lost 40 pounds going to one of those "centers", anyway one of the reasons that I quit going (besides the astronomical cost) was that I got bruises on my behind from sitting. Yes, that's right from sitting, I was a design student so I had to sit for hours at a time on a hard uncomfortable wooden stool. This time around I'm hoping to avoid that problem by working out in such a fashion as to build-up some good solid muscle on my fanny and to never ever sit on one of those horrible stools again. So IMO it could be from losing weight, all the same you might want to have it checked by your doctor. Are you doing any stretches? Whenever my back hurts I stretch 20-30min/day and do lots of sit ups, that seems to iron it out in a day or two.
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