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Hi there, Katie! Welcome to Fitday!

First off, major congratulations on starting college! I know your family is very proud of you! I assume graduation is coming up in the next month or so. Are you looking forward to it?

Will you be living on campus or at home? College offers its own set of dietary challenges. Good for you for working now on weight loss/management. Congratulations on losing so much already.

I know how difficult it can be to live with depression. My son, who is also in college, lives with it and some days it can be downright debilitating. I'm glad to know you have a good supportive family and friends. That's so very helpful. Remember you have a team of folks who love and support you.

As Carolyn suggested, please consider joining us over on the 7 Days Motivational thread. I just started there last week and have found it to be a warm, caring, creative and funny(!) group. I felt part of community on my first day and I know you will, too!

Hope to see you there!
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