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Originally Posted by RawEffect View Post
Myth or Fact: Brown Sugar is Better than White Sugar

The article at: Myth or Fact: Brown Sugar is Better than White Sugar / Nutrition / Healthy Eating mentions that bleach is used in the refinement of sugar, which is false. I've tried posting responses on the comments section, and it keeps getting deleted by, I assume, the moderator who seems to be hell bent on perpetuating this misinformation.

As a site skewed towards informing people, I would have hoped someone would at least do some background research before dispensing "advice".

Disappointed, but happy to be a member here anyway!

Moderators aren't hell bent on perpetuating any misinformation. The moderators don't remove ANY comments in the articles that FitDay has. We don't have that power. I highly doubt that anyone is watching the articles, considering that the moderators are the ones that are actively policing this site.

Feel free to state your case as to why you feel that information is false. I'd like to hear it because I personally have always heard that it was "bleached". In fact I've always been told that it was bleached with animal bones, not sure how true that it, but that's what I've heard.
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