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-Creatine doesn't need to be cycled. It isn't hormonal and doesn't effect natural hormone creation. So take 5g daily forever. No need to 'load' on creatine either.
-Simple creatine monohydrate is cheaper than other variations and is equally effective. No need to spend a fortune on anything more.
-Increased water retention is a good thing, although the scales may read 2kg higher you will have an enlarged cell volume which is more receptive to nutrient uptake. So recovery is quicker and more efficient.
-It can be taken with protein of course.
-It is the longest tested supplement around and there are no (zero, nil) studies linking it to kidney or liver damage. It increases brain function and concentration as a side effect? I for one am on board with that!
-It doesn't need to be loaded with a simple carb.
-When you stop taking creatine you will lose the water weight but not your muscle.

Google 'creatine' 'or creatine layne norton' for more info.
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