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Mike - the pounds are falling right off of you.

Robin - that's cool that you teach yoga. ***I am gonna go do yoga and go to bed before I eat any things else. *** LOL. That's what I do too when the late night cravings get too strong -- the going to bed part.

Cassie - good to see you back. Glad you were able to get some hikes in.

Mern - glad to see you back too. Many times I've thought about how losing weight (at least for me) is very much like Alcoholics Anonymous or any 12-step program where you concentrate on today. If I look at the past, I beat myself up, and if I think too far ahead, losing the pounds seems impossible. But for today, it's a realistic goal to stay under 1300 calories, avoid sugar & white flour. So, just keep plugging away, one day at a time.
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