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Jenn - good job on the veggies.

I think some people are just more "solid" than others. When my son was younger, he and one of his friends were about the same height and both had average builds. But Davey was always a lot heavier. I always wondered if he had bigger and/or denser bones.

I watched a BBC show on YouTube - My Big Fat Diet. The host and 6 other women were trying to lose a dress size in 2 weeks, eating 1200 cals a day. They had created a “grocery store” in which everything was packaged in 100-calorie packs. The women “shopped” for each day’s food. It was really interesting to see the food (and drink) laid out like that. They let the public in to look - what people seemed most surprised at was the (small) amount of pasta that was in a 100-calorie bag. I think it would be cool to shop like that - go in and choose 3 packs for breakfast, 3 for lunch, 4 for dinner, and 2 snacks.
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