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KAPAWO! Trying to be productive kinda ....over produced lol

Here is what I posted in the other one:

So.....back at my desk...and back online I go!!!

My goals for the week:

1) Clear / "Good" Liquids - 3L a day.
2) Cut out dairy - only greek yogurt and milk in tea – NO CHEESE!!! -
3) Running a week without added sugar. No sugar in drinks, no sugary sweets, no sugary deserts.
4) Try at least 3 new recipes this week
5) Try some form of new exercise

2 weeks and 8lbs down. Lots to go….One thing I hate is the weight range of “Obese”. The little calculator says I need to be between 120-160lbs for my height and age…..I honestly honestly don’t know if I even have 100 extra lbs on me :S. The lightest ive been as an adult is 190, and I was pretty comfortable there. So Im aiming for 190 to start.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thanks for letting me copy and paste before the delete!!
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