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I finally broke through my 155 plateau. What Iím most happy about, though, is not gorging on some Trader Joe almond croissants. Each one was 360 calories!!!! I ate a third of one (so I failed on no sugar & white flour yesterday). But Iím so pleased with myself that I was able to stop with that one piece (the FitDay food log was in my mind).

Kali - from your post on the other thread - 8 lbs in 2 weeks is awesome. Congrats.

epixi - yeah, for me, at least for now, eating is a one day at a time thing. I donít beat myself up if I go over because most days Iím under, but I need that daily goal to strive for.

Hope - this can be the week you break your plateau. I know with your movement issues, you canít do as much as youíd like.I hear you about the dichotomy in the messages we send ourselves. Love yourself the way you are -- but part of the way you are is your drive to learn and grow. Youíre doing that with your writing and learning Spanish. And youíre also doing that with your desire to be at a more healthful weight.

Jenn - most mornings I sautee some spinach or green beans, onions,chopped tomatoes, and mushrooms, add an egg and 1/3 slice of pepper jack cheese. Thatís at least 1 serving of veg out of the way.

whyme - 6 lbs in 2 weeks. Thatís fantastic!

1. Calories under 1400
2. An hour extra movement a day
3. No sugar, white flour
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.-Working on it and I'm remembering to do it more often.
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