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1) 6 glasses water minimum - 6,6,6 ? yes, yes , yes
2) plan or log - planned but went over yes, close enough to plan and I already lost almost 2 pounds of vacay weight, yes, yes, yes, no, yes
3) stretch - yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes
4) walk or exercise in gym or at home - no, no, no, walk, no, yes long walk, knee hurt; short short walk
5) write - journal, journal, yes, wrote a bit worked with writing buddy, no, no
6) play nice (don't be so touchy, grouchy and downright mean) - umm I was Ok, yes, yes OK yes, yes, yes
7) read a poem a day - yup plus I read some here lol!!! yes, yes, yes no, no, no
8) learn a minimum of 3 Spanish words a day - si, si muchos gracias, Miguel, si no, no, no, si
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