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Hope - in previous weeks, I had been keeping calories around 1200-1400/day. Last week, in an effort to break out of a 2-week plateau, I changed my goal to under 1200/day. I had a couple of days where I ended up eating about 1000 calories. I wasn't trying to go that low, it just happened. I wasn't any more hungry than usual on those days - just the usual late-night cravings (which I managed to resist!!!). Weigh-in is tomorrow morning, so I'll see how my lower calorie week worked.

Robin - I'm so glad your back is feeling better and healing. I've known several people with chronic back pain, and when I've hurt my back, besides the pain, I stress myself out with worrrying that it might be forever.

epixie - You ate more calories than you intended to yesterday - but 1900 calories for the day isn't a huge blowout. That's probably about what you should be eating if you weren't trying to lose weight. I'm guessing that you probably ate less of the diet-buster food than you would have in the past - if so, that's at least a small success. In any case, today's a new day, so onward and downward (calorie wise).

1. Calories under 1200 (I've lowered it this week) 987, 1253, 962, 1060, 1106
2. An hour extra movement a day Y, Y, N, Y, Y
3. No sugar, white flour Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.-Working on it and I'm remembering to do it more often.
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