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Hi Lori,

A big mistake people make is buying the fat free version of food. Most fat free products have a high amount of sugar for flavoring because sugar has no fat!!!! Honey is also very high in calories as is agave syrup. If you use agave sugar, make sure you buy a pure form as many products on the shelves are so processed that they are just as bad for you as the very high glucose corn syrup that is added to so much processed food, again for flavor. I have found that Truvia works very well in foods like oatmeal or in coffee and tea. I prefer it to Stevia which, to my taste buds, leaves an after taste. If you can serve lean meats like chicken and fresh water fish, burger meat that is 92% fat free and the loin cuts of beef and pork and then add fresh fruit and vegetables to the meals, you'll be on the road to a low fat, good carb and good protein diet. I did this after I had my first child and added 1 hour of aerobic activity 5 days a week and I lost 55 lbs in 2 months. My cholesterol also dropped to a combined 138. I am doing this now to lose my menopause weight and I am losing between 1 to 2 pounds a day. Of course this will taper off as I get closer to my appropriate weight. Note that I do not eat bread, rice, potatoes or pasta. They store to fat, especially if eaten later that 5:30PM when most people become more sedentary. If you cannot live without those foods, try to eat them early in the day so that you have time to burn them off instead of storing them. Good luck!
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