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Carolyn, comedy club is right! Kids use to purchase 5 day lunch tickets and I would punch out a day everytime they used it. A kindergartener handed me his ticket one day, it was so wet it wouldn't punch. Me: Garrett, please try and not get this wet it won't punch when it gets wet. Garrett: Well I tried to wash it off cause it fell in the toilet!---I never asked about a ticket again and keep hand sanitizer with me

Been doing this 19 yrs and the food has changed. The new schools being built in our county do not have deep fryers anymore. Our menus have been re-vamped for low fat / calories. I am amazed at the extra servings of fruit and veggies we sell. We must be cooking something right. 657 students in my school and we feed @530 per day.

Ev1 have a great Sunday
one more goal this week- track everything!
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