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I work around food all day, I'm an elementary school lunch lady but the last few years I haven't had to cook, just ring up the meals as the kids come by. For all you young parents out there beware~ K/1st graders REALLY do tell all as they come by us. Thinking of writing a
I miss being around kids. I wish my kids would get busy and give me some grandchildren! Back when I had employees and my daughter was about 4 or 5, my daughter would often come to the office after school, and one of my 20-something employees said having kids is liking having your own comedy club.

What do you think of the food at your school? Did you see the Jamie Oliver series (maybe about a year ago) where he was trying to get better food into schools somewhere in West Virginia? He chose that area because of the high obesity rate there. Some school cooks really embraced the effort and others fought against it. Plus there were a lot of bureaucratic issues in some schools about where food could be purchased. And it was interesting seeing what the kids would accept.
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