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Losing about 2 lbs a week is great.

There are discussion threads here about various diets, but there is no information on the site about what you should be eating.

For weight loss, it's calories in (no matter where the calories come from), versus calories out (calories burned). You could get 100% of your calories from fat and still lose weight if you burned more calories than you took in.

You want to make sure you're getting enough of the various nutrients - you can how what you're eating stacks up from the tabs below the food log.

Other than that, it's finding an eating plan that works for you. I've basically been following the South Beach Diet - which concentrates on foods low on the glycemic index - because diabetes runs in my family.

The diet you described sounds healthful. I've also cut out foods with sugar and white flour. As to water consumption, if you're not thirsty and your urine is light in color, then your water consumption should be fine.

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