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First of all I am sorry you are not well, I hope you are managing alright.

When I was bedridden I did Oxycise, it was so successful I Still do it! Jill Johnson does it and she is excellent . The program is diaphragmatic breathing with isotonic/isometric bodywork..I lost 35.5 lbs last year with it and eating well. Google her site and read up on the program, all the information you need about oxygen burning fat is there for your reading pleasure

I hope you heal quickly, I sympathize. When I had a blood clot in my lung,and was bedridden in hospital for 9 weeks, my life changed dramatically. I did my Oxycise program in my bed and had such a slow, steady heartrate..low blood pressure..and never needed sleeping help, that the nurses wanted to know what was "up" with me . I explained it and they said it wasn't but it was, I was proof.


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