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Following up on the nuts idea: Emerald makes 100 calorie packs of nuts: Cocoa almonds, cinnamon almonds (tasty) and almonds and walnuts. Or just count out 12-15 nuts and put em in snack bags

Go to snacks: cheese sticks (I like Horizon organic ones)

carrots, cucumbers or cut up red peppers and hummus or guacamole

hard boiled eggs (bring a litle bag of salt)

Applegate Farms no nitrite turkey or ham rolled up (you can roll with cheese)

an apple with pb and raisins (some people like pb with celery: I don't like celery)

clementines (also called Cuties)

salad with chicken on top, throw in some sunflower seed for crunch or raisins for variety

leftovers form dinner (protein and veg)

I have lost weight and dealt with constant raging hunger by eating something small every 2-3 hours. Though 5 pounds from my goal, I am probably thinner than some people who eat much less than I do. This sounds obnoxious, I know, but I am trying to make a point: I eat when I'm hungry and try and eat real food. I will also say I do not eat sugar, except for very rare occasions. That helps. Sugar makes you hungrier. If I eat sugar, my appetite rages.

Plus drink water!!! It fills you up and sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. Good luck!!!

I'd also ask what do you eat for breakfast? If it's very carby, think of switching to something with protein. Maybe what you eat for breakfast leads you to cravings. Just a thought.

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