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I did Weight Watchers years ago and there was a plan that some people were doing called the Wendie Plan (not part of any official WW plan, just something a member named Wendie made up many, many years ago and word got around and others tried it). The plan cycled the calorie intake throughout the week and still to this day, if you go on a Weight Watchers forum and somebody has hit a plateau, someone will suggest they try the Wendie Plan to break their plateau.

I think it could be great for someone with great willpower. I would be afraid that my high calorie days could derail me.

M 2 cents

COMMIT to a plan
PERSIST when the going gets tough
BENEFIT from not giving up!

Recommit weight - 154 lbs. (Sept. 29, 2015)
Current weight - ??? lbs.
1st Goal - 143 lbs. & to be able to wear my wedding rings again!
2nd Goal - 136 .5lbs.
3rd Goal - 128.5 lbs.
4th Goal - 121 lbs.
5th Goal - 110 - 115 lbs. & to look like the 40-something version of my avatar
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