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Default Help where can I order this stuff in liquid form not shots

Originally Posted by childofnite View Post
Seriously? 146 views, but not one person replies?

It won't put me off track - I have lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks, and have other forums that I can go to for support and encouragement that are not one-way. Looks like I won't be using Fitday for anything but tracking my stats.

It's too bad that nobody posted - not even to say hello.

Good luck in your weight loss journey, whatever plan you're on.

I am looking for anyone who knows where to order this its all over internet but there are some that dont work and they are selling stuff that really isnt HCG.So manu different diets too There is a doctor here but he is 600 and I dont have that kinda money to try diet He has it in pill form that disolves under tougue once a day anyone no where I can order such a thing thanks Courtney from Louisiana
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