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I'm starting to like this poetry thing. I may not be the best but it's a pretty good way to express yourself.

Sundays Dream

I woke up from my dream
I could barely talk
For in my dream
Johnny could walk

That day was Easter
He didn't get to dye eggs
Because he lays in the hospital
Still no use of his legs

I remember the day
That I heard he'd been shot
That was the day
My stomach was one big knot

I sat there thinking
It can't be the word
It seems like just yesterday
It was February 23rd

There's not much I can do
But support my dear friend
I pray for the day
That he will reach full mend

So it's been 6 weeks
He's been very brave
I stuck to my word
When I vowed not to shave

As a show of my support
I have this thick beard
Some think it's cute
While others think I'm weird

Get well soon dear Johnny
And always stay strong
For that person will pay
The one that did you wrong!

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