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Originally Posted by kali87 View Post
I'm rising and shining lol.

Goals this week:
1) Increase water / green tea intake - aiming for 3L of clear fluids a day. ** Usually hit around the 2.5L mark without issue

2) Meals to match paleo planned diet (apart from yogurt) ** apart from easter sunday - completed

3) Weightlift this week to test out knee during gym days - 3x this week

4) Get over my lingering cold...Vitamin C overdose time! ----eeeh out of my hands...unfortunately still sick

5) Foam roll daily to work on joint pain on gym days - completed x 3

6) Sleep more then 6 hours a night this week. Not completed. Insomnia still. Between 4-6 hours a night generally

Seems mostly within my control lol apart from the sleep and lingering cold. Good luck everyone Im excited to see how the week goes!

edit** I should add as well that I am trying to find my goal calorie range. The "not hungry" and still calories cut range haha. Having issues with this. Last week I fluctuated a ton and it didnt seem to match a pattern, so hopefully I narrow it down this week. Based on my weight I have around 1400cal targeted (quality foods only).
Updated week over!! (see above)
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