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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Have you tried logging it to see how many calories it is?
Yes I tried before, using the MyFitnessPal app. Though there were differences in the serving sizes and some ingredients weren't exactly available, the overal kcal is about the same as episode2011 got

Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Hi, Zura! I took the liberty of making a recipe based loosely on the ingredients you listed. It came out to about 335 calories for one serving. I say "loosely" because I couldn't find the exact ingredients on the site I looked at and because I wasn't sure if you put ALL those things in one bowl. For example, do you use the grapes AND banana AND raspberries or do you use one OR the other OR the other?

To be on the safe side, I used ALL the ingredients to give a worst-case scenario.

I also had to make a few guesses with regard to ingredients and quantities. The site I used didn't have All Bran bran flakes or Quaker Quick Oats, so I substituted the best I could to come close to what you use. Nor did the site have the oatmeal by the tablespoon so I had to make a few guesses about how many tablespoons are in a half cup. I didn't add in the water since it doesn't add or subtract calories.

In any event, below is what I came up with and below that is a nutrition list of how that recipe turns out. It may not be accurate to your exact recipe but I hope it helps get you in the ballpark.

  • 1/2 cup Soy milk
  • 1/2 "serving" Old Fashioned Quaker Oatmeal (serving = 1/2 cup dry)
  • 1/4 "serving" Kellogg's Complete Wheat Bran Flakes (serving = 3/4 cup)
  • 3 Green Grapes
  • 1 small banana (small = 6"-6-7/8" long)
  • 3 raspberries
  • .25 servings Walnuts (serving = 1 oz or 14 halves)
  • 3 almonds
  • .10 "serving" Pistachios (serving = 47 kernels)


Calories = 334.4
Total Fat = 11.7g
Sat Fat = 1.5g
Poly = 5.9g
Mono = 3.6g
Cholest = 0.0g
Sodium = 120.6mg
Potassium = 717.9g
Total Carb = 53.5g
Diet Fiber = 8.2g
Sugars = 19.6g
Protein = 10.0g

Vit A = 15.7%
Vit B-12 = 58.3%
Vit B-6 = 68.6%
Vit C = 54.2%
Vit D = 18.3%
Vit E = 17.3%
Calcium = 25.8%
Copper = 18.0%
Folate = 46.2%
Iron = 46.1%
Magnesium = 22.4%
Manganese = 49.8%
Niacin = 38.1%
Pant Acid = 37.2%
Phosphorus = 17.0%
Riboflavin = 56.4%
Selenium = 4.1%
Thiamin = 47.6%
Zinc = 37.9%

Hope that helps!
OH THANK YOU SO MUCH for actually making this ._. 334 kcal hm..So in your opinion, overall is this a 'healthy breakfast'? Considering the amount of sugar and fat present in this, it kinda worries me..
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