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Welcome. I am somewhat new here too, or at least to the forums. I also need a little motivation at times. Sounds like you are doing a super fantastic job so far. I recently had to come to this website to track my calories. I at one point weighed about 180 pounds, and at 5'0" that is way too much. That was many years ago. I had struggled between about 160 and 180 for a while and decided I needed to really do something. Through good eating and exercise I got down to 117 lbs. At that point I got divorced and moved to a different state. Within a year I was up 13 pounds, but I maintained that for a few years. At the beginning of this year I went up to 136 and told myself again I needed to do something. So here I am, logging all my food. What a help it is. Also I added strength training to my work out schedule as previously I did mostly cardio. Wow what a difference. I am now down to 128 and want to get back down to 117 by the end of the year. I also have a goal of being able to do a single unassisted pull up by the end of the year.

So all is going well, but some days I need motivation. I can get really hungry, or get discouraged with slight weight gain. After doing the math calculations it sounds like we are aiming for the same things.

Good luck. Keep on going. Off to eat my last meal of the day. Mainly egg whites which I love.
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