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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post

I must admit, you're on a roll
With all this poetry, you can cross off that goal

For those that are wondering what NOLA is, it's New Orleans, LA. My last bit about NOLA for now.

NOLA is a place, without much drama
The food is so good, you'll slap ya mama!
Again with the slapping of Mama?

Cassie, yes I noticed later in the day the site was hard to get on and glitchy. Gotta love FD.

DH and I decided to cut back on the big dinner and opted for veggie pizza at home instead. I know I'm gonna have to get on the straight and narrow soon and when I get out of this fibro flare, actually move... as in maybe a short mellow gym visit. It's too cold to walk. (I'm a wuss, OK? But also the cold weather literally hurts.)

Epi, thanks for the tip about Tunein!! It's so cool you're studying Japanese. Any reason for that particular language?

Carolynn, thanks for the tip. Youtube!!! Yes and for me, it would be third grade level lol. I have a Pimsleur CD on my Ipod and when I get a chance I watch Spanish tv: especially the news, commercials and the occasional telenova. We were in Mexico years ago and I said this language seems easy. (I studied French for years and a tiny bit of Latin, Hebrew and Italian.) Not so easy!!! I can't even imagine how tough Tagalog and Japanese are. Whew!!!

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