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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
My Muffaletta poem came to me when I woke up this morning, and I just got up and typed it in. I didn't even proof it (misspelt beckon). Then I started thinking about that poem, and poetry, and wrote another, which I spent a few of minutes on. It's not about New Orleans. I was going to save it for the 'Wednesday' poem, but why wait! Hope says it's poetry month!

Meta Poem

As I walk on the beach
in my white
flannel trousers,
and reminisce
of the starlight
on the bay,
neither Eliot,
nor Stevens,
with his concupiscent curds
will cause me
to long for
peaches & ice cream.
Dirty little former English major/teacher that I am, I LOVE this!!! I immediately thought of Eliot with the flannel pants and I love "concupiscent curds." Very clever!! You should send this out!!! You're a good writer, Missy!!!!
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