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Hope: ***Another idea from an otherwise terrible Spanish teacher I had: songs, children's books,*** That reminded me - there are a lot of great language videos on youtube by both pros & real people. For a while I was watching some by a mom teaching her 2 yr old Tagalog - that was just my level! I haven't tried Rosetta Stone but had been listening to the Pimsleur CDs.

epixi (I'm prouncing that "a pixie" in my head) - Japanese! Are you learning to read and write it too - or just speak? Yes, please...what's the name of that foreign radio app?

Mike - I've been to Nawlins twice, but not for many years. Loved the food, architecture, and people.

LOL at it being National Poetry month!

Hopefully all this poetry and foreign languages are distracting us from our cravings and bad habits!
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