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Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Mike, Donna, and Hope - I'm loving the poetry (but that's one thing I won't be joining in on). Brought a smile to my face this morning.

Hope - Tagalog is a conglomeration of native, Spanish, English with some Chinese and Arabic influence thrown in. Lots of Spanish influence. Keso is cheese. Pwerta (door). Sapatas (shoes). My favorite is kamusta (how are you?) - it sounds like "como esta" said fast and slurred together. Hamburger is hamburger. Salamat is thank you (the Arabic influence). Tagalog tv is a great idea. I'll have to check. When I first started learning, I started with things in the kitchen. When I was washing dishes, every time I'd pick up a plate, I'd say plato, tinidor for a fork, etc. There was a lot of repetition, so those words have stuck with me - words I memorized randomly, haven't stuck with me as much.

Hope - I think it's smart to work cravings into your eating plan to prevent the cravings from turning into a binge.
I love all this info on Tagalog, sooooooooo interesting. I know nothing about the language other than what you said but I sounds so cool. I also think that using it in your head over and over for things is a great idea. Thinking in the language makes it yours. Another idea from an otherwise terrible Spanish teacher I had: songs, children's books, anything you can get your hands, eyes or ears on. Think abut how kids learn (it's not like Rosetta Stone: I have it, trust me.)

As for working my cravings in, I have to. I already gained weight in FL and I know where I'm at now. I NEED my cheats/treats at the moment. I'll calm down.

Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Re all the poetry: You folks are so creative! Loving it! Do you come up with those on the spot or have they been mulling about in your brains for bit? New Orleans should most definitely considering hiring you for those "Come to New Orleans" promos!

Re Tagalog TV: While I'm not familiar with Tagalog TV per se, I have an app on my phone that allows me to listen to radio from all over. I can sort/search by many criteria, language being one. There are somewhere close to 100 languages supported, and yes, Tagalog is one of them! Please let me know if I can mention the name of the app here, otherwise, I'll PM it to anyone who wants it (I'm not connected with the app in any way except as a consumer).

I use the app for listening to Japanese radio, Japanese being the language I'm studying (Goal: study every day). I haven't a clue as to what they're saying most of the time but I figure it helps tune my ear to the sound (and speed ) of the language.

Other stuff: I'm thinking I might modify my name to make it a bit easier to say/type. Sign in will still be Episode2011 of course, but for forum/signature purposes, I'm considering "Epixi". Get it? "Epi" for Episode and "xi" for Roman numeral 11 . Whadya think?

Going to go start a sig now .
I may just call you epi cause I'm that lazy. I love the idea of phone aps but I can't get my aps to work (ask people here aobut my fab tech skills) This morning I forgot how to multi quote again and had to remind myself. Heavy sigh.
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