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Yes New Orleans is in my blood
(Along with a little riverfront mud)
For those who wrote the city off
I can do nothing but scoff.
New Orleans is too big to die,
to go to that great Mardi Gras ball in the sky
If it were ever to go to its grave,
the folks would bring it back with a big ol' parade.
New Orleans is a gumbo, a great big stew,
it's a big brass band you dance the two step to
You can get grass fed burgers at the Rock and Bowl
and meet a soul mate wherever you stroll
Just remember - beware of the crime
cause N'awlins will steal your heart BIGTIME!!!

In NY, it is cold and windy
Why did we leave the Crecent City?
Florida was warm and breezy
But I much prefer the Big Ol' Easy,
It's the home of my heart and that's a fact
(and I even learned how to spell "Where y'at?")

I'm just making this up on the spot.
Mike got me rhyming, I can't seem to stop.
Am I am avoiding work and just being lazy?
Better sign off before I drive y'all crazy.

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