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Default Hello everyone!!

Pleased to meet you. I joined fitday seeking motivation for my workouts and diet tips as I tend to get confused/paranoid a bit often haha.

Here's a bit of my weight loss history and current activities that I'd like to share
After months of procrastination I started working out in August 2012, when I used to weigh 76 kgs (around 168 lbs) and since then I have continued working out at least 5-6 days a week for up to 2 hours. Also, of course, I have fixed my diet and eating patterns quite significantly and thankfully I have definitely seen some great improvements and achievements.

I managed to lose about 17 kgs up to now (59 kgs atm), and decrease my BMI etc etc My target weight is about 54-55 kgs. My main goals for the rest of the year include toning the body and strengthening muscles and have long-term weight loss

Even though I tend to lose motivation at times, that's when I need to visit forums and sites like this!

Looking forward to my time here and pleased to meet you all!
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