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Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Re all the poetry: You folks are so creative! Loving it! Do you come up with those on the spot or have they been mulling about in your brains for bit? New Orleans should most definitely considering hiring you for those "Come to New Orleans" promos!

Other stuff: I'm thinking I might modify my name to make it a bit easier to say/type. Sign in will still be Episode2011 of course, but for forum/signature purposes, I'm considering "Epixi". Get it? "Epi" for Episode and "xi" for Roman numeral 11 . Whadya think?

Going to go start a sig now .
Thanks! I came up with on the spot. A few of the ladies from this group have made it down to NOLA. I've got to meet some awesome people on here. Hope was just here and we finally got to meet up (several times) face to face. We hit up a parade (during Mardi Gras), walked the city, ate wonderful food, you name it. It's odd that a yank would have NOLA in her blood, but she's definitely has it.

I like the name, its catchy.
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