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Mike, Donna, and Hope - I'm loving the poetry (but that's one thing I won't be joining in on). Brought a smile to my face this morning.

Hope - Tagalog is a conglomeration of native, Spanish, English with some Chinese and Arabic influence thrown in. Lots of Spanish influence. Keso is cheese. Pwerta (door). Sapatas (shoes). My favorite is kamusta (how are you?) - it sounds like "como esta" said fast and slurred together. Hamburger is hamburger. Salamat is thank you (the Arabic influence). Tagalog tv is a great idea. I'll have to check. When I first started learning, I started with things in the kitchen. When I was washing dishes, every time I'd pick up a plate, I'd say plato, tinidor for a fork, etc. There was a lot of repetition, so those words have stuck with me - words I memorized randomly, haven't stuck with me as much.

Hope - I think it's smart to work cravings into your eating plan to prevent the cravings from turning into a binge.

Yesterday was a good day, and I've started today with 25 min of exercise.

1. Calories under 1200 (I've lowered it this week) Y
2. An hour extra movement a day Y
3. No sugar, white flour Y
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.-Working on it and I'm remembering to do it more often.
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