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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Mike is right, I can attest,
NOLA food is, no doubt, the best.
Coops at midnight for fried chicken,
And cafe beignets cause finger licking,
Gumbo, crawfish, red beans and rice,
And etoufee is pretty nice,
The food is worth a million trips,
(And don't get me started on the Voodoo chips)
But NOLA is more than just its food,
It can dance a sourpuss into a festive mood
The weather's warm and so are the folks
Who gossip, laugh and trade odd jokes.
They talk funny - that's a fact,
and throw a parade at the drop of a hat.
They really let the good times roll,
That NOLA vodoo just grabs your soul.
I love it

NOLA is a city, some say has been forgotten
The people that live here, are sure to spoil you rotten
Just as Hope said, the voodoo will grab your soul
There is laughter, music and dancing, all at the rock n bowl
Every day is a party but we move at a slower pace
You can eat crawfish on a table covered with news paper... or even lace
Our people are different and have their own story to tell
Just know that during the summer, it's hotter than hell
Feel free to come, anytime you wish
Here in NOLA, we always serve up a new dish
There are people here from all walks of life
Some have it made, while others live in strife
Everyone is welcome, come one come all
You haven't lived, until you've experienced a Mardi Gras Ball

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