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Awesome, i can do sunday, thats a good idea to not overeat.
As for weekend eating, i usually do better actually. I'm able to be more active and get out of the house and away from the food. I have also started setting my alarm for 6am so i get up early enough to enjoy the day and get some exercise in before things get going. Tomorrow will be a difficult day because its my best friends birthday and we will be going out and doing something. I know i will be eating cake and ice cream so i try to eat everything else healthy instead. I have a super healthy breakfast with eggs, veggies and fruit, maybe one piece of toast. I am going to carry around an apple or orange in my purse so i have an instant snack if i'm starving so i don't overeat. I'm just starting my garden, and just tilling and planting is hard work right now, i will be doing that tomorrow am. When i grow fresh food, i eat more of it because of all the effort i put into it. And i grow things i haven't tried before so i have a reason to look up recipes for it. I'm even getting my fiance into it now
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