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Morning, everyone!

A day late, but I'm here and glad to be. Easter was not a disaster and yesterday was crazy busy work-wise, but I stayed on plan as best I could, though I did not take the time to work out. Same goals for me this week, have to master the big stuff before fine-tuning the details again; Monday's report included:

1. Keep calories below 1300. 1200 is better, but often backfires in the evening. 1075
2. Make the time to get some exercise. Being busy is NOT an excuse. 6 days of workouts this week.
3. Take vitamins and supplements. Yes
4. Stay on top of work; falling behind makes it hard to catch up. Yes
5. Sleep. Enough. Fair

...and some stuff I keep putting off:

1. Email tennis coach.
2. Update Linked In profile.
3. Call plumber.
4. Do something I love...3 times this week at least.

Glad to see everyone here and motivated! Hope you all have a wonderful week and that it's starting to warm up where you are !

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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