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It's not that I'm biased against WLS, but the tone of the original post seemed to be looking for others who've had WLS surgery, and well I haven't. My SIL and her husband had lap-band and it has not been particularly beneficial to either of them, so I agree that WLS is not a magic pill for weight loss.

childofnite, welcome to the forum. One thread you might want to check out is on the "women's only corner", the 100 pound club is especially friendly and supportive, I know you're only looking to lose 50, but we really don't care about the actual number, most of the ladies there check in at least once a week and we cheer each other on with gusto. Congratulations on losing all that weight, even if you've regained a little, your still not back up to your original 340, which is fantastic!!! 150 is an amazing feat, with or without surgery. I've heard that the gastric bypass surgery is really quite an ordeal.

I sometimes think that having an oversized stomach might be my issue too, I'm always hungry as well, and a carboholic on top of that. I'm finding I do a lot better when I consume a higher percentage of proteins, but so far I have yet to actually crave a high protein food. When my stomach is growling it's wants CARBS not tuna or Greek yogurt.

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