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Hi Semperfigirl! As Mike says, logging EVERYTHING you consume really makes you accountable. I'm like you - sweets don't generally tempt me - but potato chips!!! I can easily devour a whole bag.

The logging really helps. After I've logged 15 min of exercise and see how many calories I've expended, when I go to reach for something to eat just because I'm bored, it really makes me think twice knowing that I have to log it in and that it will "undo" the exercise I just did.

When I crave a salty snack, I've been eating either kale chips or homemade cheese puffs. Trader Joe's and other places have kale chips - but I usually make my own - it's just baking kale in the oven - I use Melissa d'Arabian's baked kale chip recipe if you want to google it. You can change up the seasonings. I never would have thought it, but they're as satisfying as potato chips. For the cheese puffs, I take a slice of jack or pepper jack (the slices the size of American cheese slices) and cut the slice into 16 squares. Put a piece of parchment paper on a plate and put the squares around the outer perimeter of the plate. Microwave until they're lightly browned. It takes less than a minute - I just watch them and turn them off when they puff up and get crisp and a lot of the fat goes into parchment paper.
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